What Citizens Think

Joseph Filippazzo President Filippazzo - Hospitality Group


 I could really see a big difference, especially with the leadership from the Chief…What he’s doing in the community to be involved not only with businesses but with individuals and just bringing people together.  

Jerry Gibson - Superintendent Marshall ISD


 The relationship that Chief Campa has built with MISD is a great example of his dedication to the Marshall community.   

Robert Evans -Marshall Citizen


 "Chief Campa thank you for not judging me for my past, for accepting me as a friend and making me feel like a part of the community.  I'm honored to now be a law abiding citizen who had respect for our officers and the value of freedom, Thank you SIr!" 

The Word on Jesus Eddie Campa

Mrs. Charles Wilson - Harrison County NAACP President


Chief is a man on the mission for his community. NEVER saw no Chief so activate in this town in all my life, excellent job.... 

Tamekia Fredericks-Johnson - VP South Marshall STEM Academy


 "Where there is no vision, the people perish. Thankful for the Leadership our Chief has took to heart, creating communication within the community and enforcement, building trust between citizen's and officers. As enforcement serves to protect and uphold our safety, our eye's are also open to be a look out for you. This not only builds Marshall Proud, but also Marshall Strong. 

Vickie Slaughter - West High School Teacher


Even tho I live in the country, I am glad to see the city has such a proactive police chief. I feel safe when I go downtown now......thanks chief 

Citizens speak truth to power

Demetria McFarland - Marshall Against Violence President


 If Chief Campa ever leaves Marshall things are going to go back to the way things were, before he came here.  The things that he has established and done will be lost if he ever leaves.  Policing will go back to the good old boy ways.  

Steven McFarlan - Civic Leader


 Your leadership and law enforcement in Marshall are greatly appreciated. 

Eddie Williams - Marshall Citizen


 I can tell a big difference with the Marshall PD as they are everywhere and are doing a great job.  Chief Jesus Eddie Campa is a great leader keep up the great work.  

Respect for true leadership

Mike Takhvar


Our men and women in blue have come a long way, because of your dedication and non bias.  Thank you Chief Campa

Christy and Jack Little - Marshall Citizens


 Wanted to give a huge shout out to our Chief Jesus Eddie Campa for being an amazing part of our community. Yesterday I had a conversation with someone in another city that has been in law enforcement for many years. I mentioned how our Chief came out from behind the desk to patrol on one of the coldest nights of the year and how involved he is with all aspects of not only his department but in our community as a whole. The look on his face was priceless when he said, "You don't realize how fortunate your community is because that's not typical these days." Jack Little and I would like to thank you for all you do for the people of Marshall. You are appreciated and we see you.... #ridethewave #chiefingdoneright 

Bruce Denton - Retired Citizen


Chief you have an impact in the community, and very respected in Marshall 

Citizens report what they see

Jack Lanier - Retired Longview Police Sergent


I've often said, "John Henry was looking for steel driving men, because John Henry was a steel-driving man!" Thanks for your example, "Chief Jesus Eddie Campa"

Jacquelyn Bean


Now THAT'S what I like... a true leader! 

Karin Allen Bayne - TSTC Student


There are very few people these days that lead by example. That's what you do and you do it well. Thanks for everything you do, Chief Campa! 

What I think about Chief Campa

Wallace Neeley - Local Business Owner


In this day and age of the Police getting such a bad rap it is good to see a cop making a difference in a community as it should be.... and being recognized by a group of people that the media has made it look like they actually hate the Police as a whole... 

Melinda Gaulden - Marshall Business Owner


You have been a blessing to this community and we thank you.  You are just awesome!  So glad you are part of our community! 

Shirley Williams-Houston - Retired Marshall Citizen


 Chief has done great things, for this community, thank you so much Chief