Mrs. Sherrly speaks truth about Jesus Eddie Campa

The truth and only the truth comes from the comm we serve.

Dream, Vision, the Action

 Marshall Police Department: No Colors, No Labels 


No Colors, No Labels promotes a unified community 

2016 Crime Stats

 “I’m not only proud of how much our officers’ hard work has paid off, but I would also like to thank the citizens of Marshall for helping us achieve this status,” said Chief of Police Jesus “Eddie” Campa. 

Thank you for Cool Cops

A man with a vision made Cool Cops a reality in Marshall, Texas

Hearts for the Hungry

Chief Jesus "Eddie" Campa and family help to feed the hungry with Marshall STEM and the Marshall STEM PTA.

What is MAC

 Jesus "Eddie" Campa introduces an unconventional approach to dealing with crime by including Faith Based Organizations as part of the solution.