The Strength of God Resides In You

Jesus E. Campa 

A helping hand

Sometimes we all need a hand 

Jonathan McCarty joins La Verda

Right guy, wrong time

To tell you the truth what we did was just deplorable.  The Chief did what he was hired to do. It's not his fault that we could not see the big picture.  Yes  he was the right guy, but he was also the wrong guy if you know what I mean.

Former MPD Sgt. 

Breaking News Police Chief under fire

 GOLDSBORO, N.C. — The Goldsboro police chief is under fire after posting a picture of himself in the likeness of President Donald Trump on Facebook. 

News Flash: Texas send out a big thank you to the Cajun Navy

The Cajun Navy is an informal ad-hoc volunteer group composed of private boat owners that assist in search and rescue efforts in Louisiana and adjacent areas. The group was formed upon the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and reactivated upon the aftermath of the 2016 Louisiana floods and Hurricane Harvey and is credited with rescuing thousands of citizens during those disasters.  

Oh, it's true believe me, it's true

Are you with me?

Wiley College Dr. Andrus


Wiley College Dr. Andrus speaks about Jesus Eddie Campa

MLK Humanitarian of the year

Chief Jesus "Eddie" Campa MLK Humanitarian of the year.

Dr. Blackburn bids farewell

Dr. Blackburn speaks about his friendship with Chief Jesus E. Campa

Dr. Gibson on leadership

Dr. Gibson on his friendship and leadership of Jesus Eddie Campa

All you have to do is ask me

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